Felix Kinaro

Network Engineer

From Nanyuki, KE

Hello there! My name is Felix. I'm a network engineer at Mawingu Networks.

I'm also a full-stack web developer and Linux system admin. I enjoy hiking, photography and teaching in my free time.

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Felix Kinaro Photo


Here is how I can help you level up right away.

Email server configuration

Send emails from your domain. Stand out with an email that looks professional to your clients with a custom domain.

Full stack development

This is inclusive of:

  • Database schema design
  • API Development
  • User interface development

User Interface Design

An interface is like a joke, if you have to explain it then it is bad.

A great interface for your app will help you gain clients faster and retain them.

Progressive Web Apps

Avoid the hassle of going through an App Store.

Reach your clients directly, with realtime notifications and offline support

Technical writing

Blog posts and tutorials