Let's go phishing

by Felix Kinaro About 2 min reading time

This is a cyber crime where scammers reach out to targets through emails, SMS or social media channels and trick them into disclosing sensitive personally identifiable information. This may lead to identity theft and financial loss. With this information, the scammers may try to access emails, banks and other accounts.

Types of phishing

The scammer sends customized message, with the target's position, company, work phone and other personal details to convince the target that there is a connection between them.

This is especially common with online forms, where a scammer creates a fake form to harvest user details. For instance there is this fake Huduma number registration form ****asking for personal details as well as soliciting for money.

These usually tell you that you have won a money on a betting site. You are instructed to call or respond to a specific phone number in order to claim your money. Once you call, the scammer then takes your round in circles while asking you for your mobile money account pin to receive your money. Once you give this information out, the scammers initiate transfers or a withdrawal from your account

How to stay safe

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