Synchronizing Joplin notes with NextCloud

by Felix Kinaro About 1 min reading time


Joplin is a free app for taking notes and creating To-do lists. The app is available for Android, Linux, Firefox extension, and as a Terminal app.

Notes and to-do lists can be organized into notebooks for easy grouping.

NextCloud allows you to back up your data on a private server, or a server you can trust. You can run your own instance and pay for hosting or use someone else's instance and pay them for it.


  1. Download Joplin to your android phone via your app store. You can also download the app from the Joplin website.
    You should have a Nextcloud instance running, either yours or from a trusted provider.
  2. Log in to your NextCloud instance and create a folder for Joplin. Note the case, because Linux is case-sensitive.
  3. Check the WebDav URL for your Nextcloud instance and note it somewhere. Append the name of your joplin folder to this URL. Don't add a forward slash at the end.
  4. Open your Joplin app and tap on the three horizontal bars on the top left corner.
    • Select Configuration
    • Under Configuration select Synchronization
    • Under Synchronization Target select NextCloud
    • Enter your username, password and WebDAV URL, with the Joplin folder appended at the end.
    • Click on the Check Synchronization Configuration button to validate your settings. The app will alert you in case of any errors.
  5. Create a note and synchronize.

You have successfully set up Joplin with NextCloud synchronization!

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